4th of July Wine and Food Pairings

Which wine goes best with a hamburger or hotdog fresh off the grill? These are the questions a true wine connoisseur asks themselves every 4th of July. So what are the best wine pairings for the most patriotic day of the year? Here are our top 5 picks from around the wine trail to help you celebrate America and the red, white and wine!

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1.) The classic All-American beef hot dog will be complimented nicely with a fruity, bold dry red like Chambourcin.

2.) Going for a little surf n’ turf at your Independence Day BBQ? The natural sweetness of grilled shrimp makes it a perfect match for a subtly sweet white wine such as Indiana’s signature varietal - Traminette.

3.) Cabernet Sauvignon is without a doubt one of America’s favorite wines. If you’re looking to bust out the good stuff at your 4th of July gathering, try a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon with a juicy, grilled steak. Cabernet Franc’s earthy, dark fruit notes make a wonderful match as well!

4.) Pork lovers can’t go wrong with Chardonel. The notes of apple, citrus and oak will not overwhelm the herbal flavors in your favorite pork dish.

5.) What could be more American than dessert? To polish off your summer feast, sip an Uplands Port or a glass of Vidal Blanc with your slice of apple pie.

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