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Summer Wine Cocktail Recipes - made with wines from the Indiana Uplands Wine Trail

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Summer Wine Cocktail Recipes - made with wines from the Indiana Uplands Wine Trail

Temperatures reaching higher and the sun staying up later can mean only one thing: it must be summertime! The grapes in our in our Indiana Uplands vineyards are flourishing. They count on these long, hot, Indiana days to soak up the sunshine and develop their delicious flavors, ripening eagerly as they await their wine destiny. We hope you're spending your long days enjoying the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor, watching the kids splash in the water, and treating yourself to the summer food and drinks you crave year-round.

Of course, part of thoroughly enjoying your summertime is enjoying summertime wines! One of the wonderful things about wine is it's versatility. While sometimes you'd enjoy a zesty, dry red Zinfandel with your freshly-grilled meats and veggies, other times it's the cold glass of Riesling that really hits the spot instead. The hundreds of wines you can find along the Indiana Uplands Wine Trail truly speak to that versatility- there's something for everyone, every occasion, and every meal. You might be surprised to find that sometimes we like to mix things up even further; with a little ice, a splash of creativity, and Indiana Uplands Wine, we can put together quite the summer wine cocktail. Try our recipes or create some of your own this summer to really impress your friends (and yourself)!


Blackberry Mojito 

Made with Blackberry wine from Butler Winery.


Little Rhineland Orange

Made with Winzerwald Winery's 2018 Indy International Gold Medal-Winning wine: Little Rhineland White.

-3 parts Little Rhineland White

-1 part orange juice

-splash of club soda

Pour over ice, garnish with a fresh orange slice.


Watermelon Wine Cooler

Made with Oliver Winery's  Bubblecraft White wine.

-4 parts Bubblecraft White

-2 parts watermelon juice

-1 squeeze lime juice

-dash of simple syrup

Make your own watermelon juice by blending cubed watermelon and straining the juice. Serve this over ice with a mint leaf garnish.


Zingin' Strawberrita 

Made with Strawberry wine from Best Vineyards Winery.

Did you know you can have many of these Indiana Uplands wines shipped straight to your door? Visit these wineries websites (linked in their names above) or give them a call for shipping information. We hope you enjoy mixing up some summer delights for your friends and family! Cheers!

DIY Seasonal Wine Glasses

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Nothing makes us happier than having a home full of family and friends, gathered for no good reason other than to be together. With several holidays around the corner, we came up with a colorful, creative way to decorate your favorite wine glasses!

These designs make for an adorable centerpiece whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving, having a Halloween party, entertaining friends, or simply sitting around the table with your family. In other words, they’re good enough for company but not too formal for a casual dinner or get together. Not into centerpieces? Personalize your glasses individually according to your favorite designs or upcoming holidays!

Alright, grab your paintbrushes and lets get colorful!

You’ll Need:

img_7637    img_7638


Start by wiping your wine glasses clean to make sure they’re free of dust and debris (this helps the paint stick as well).

Begin by painting the bowl of your wine glasses so you can paint the stem once it's dry. Allow the first layer to dry 5-8 minutes. Apply base layers until completely covered. This will usually take 3 layers of paint.

Now that your base paint is dry, it's time for details! The sky is the limit on your seasonal designs, so we provided a few examples to spark your creativity!

Complete Set


Here's to a great fall & holiday season!

DIY with the IUWT!

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We love to get crafty, especially with leftover wine bottles and corks. The internet is brimming with ideas for repurposing old items, and we've created a list of our favorite wine-inspired DIY projects! (Don't worry: They're practically fool-proof!)

Create a unique picture frame with an empty wine bottle


Make your own herb garden with a cut wine bottle 


Make beautiful tea light lamps with wine glasses


Construct a hot plate out of wine corks