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March Happenings at Turtle Run Winery

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Each & every month we debut at least 2 different vintages or blends. For March, there should be considerably more. Look for new releases throughout the month of Max’s Small Batch Red with our 48th version. For those unfamiliar with Max’s Small Batch Red’s, they are our top of the line dry red blends.

And we don’t hold back.

The staff decides what style of Max’s (normally bold as can be) we want, then we start blending from the 50 barrels of wine. We don’t care what the vintage is, nor grape varieties. The desire is to blend a consistently complex dry red with a long, lingering finish.

We just debuted our Dry Traminette 2016, a barrel fermented traminette, sur lie, or on the lees or aged on the yeast. Before fermentation, we soaked the juice on the crushed skins for 4 hours before pressing to release complex phenolics from the skins into the juice soon to be wine. The aromas are of cotton candy and vanilla with lots of complex and boundless fruity flavors.

Expect us to bottle zinfandel, syrah, cabernet franc, some barrel fermented Vignoles and towards the end of the month, our big seller, Blue My Mind, made from the Steuben grape. If you like sweeter wines, come try the entire “My Mind” line up of sweet wines made according to the European laws, in which we arrest or stop fermentation and not back-add sugars or juices to sweeten the wine. Slip My Mind, for instance, is pure Niagara….well, no it’s not. It has a small percentage of Diamond (yet another grape variety) in it. Or perhaps Crossed My Mind, a blended red.

Additionally, it’s quite easy to find us in the vineyard at this time, so stop by and say “Hi” as we prune, prune and prune some more.


Laura and Jim and the Staff at Turtle Run Winery



Indy International Wine Competition results!

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The results are in from the Indy International Wine Competitions, one of the largest and most respected contests in the United States, in which 20 countries were represented this year with 2100 wines entered in 74 different wine classes. For instance, Zinfandel would be a class, as would many other grape varieties, including Chardonel and Chambourcin. In addition, there are blended wine categories too.

The Indiana Uplands Wine Trail wineries won 10 of the 74 classes! And we didn’t even have wines represented in every class.

But first, the big kudos go out to Huber’s Orchard and Winery. Congratulations Ted Huber for winning the Indiana Winemaker of the Year, and for Huber’s Orchard and Winery for winning the Governor’s Cup!

Also, a super great job goes out to French Lick Winery for winning the Traminette of the Year with their 2014 vintage. Traminette is the Indiana state grape, so this is a big award!

Winning a class means a winery had the very best entry in that classification. Those aren’t easy to win, especially considering our wines are judged against the best the world is entering.

So here is a list of the Best in Class!

Berry Wines – Best Vineyards

Carbonated – Huber Winery

Catawba – Huber Winery

Chambourcin – French Lick Winery

Chardonel – Butler Winery

Niagara – Turtle Run Winery

Other White Hybrids – Huber Winery

Pinot Gris / Grigio – Oliver Winery

Red American Blend – Turtle Run Winery

Sauvignon Blanc – Oliver Winery

When visiting the Indiana Uplands Wine Trail wineries, exceptional wine exists everywhere. Each winery contributed to the following medal count.

Double Gold – All judges who tried these wines deemed them gold medal deserving. Not an easy feat. Only 6.6 % of all wines meet this mark. Indiana Upland Wineries – 10 double gold medals

Gold Medals – The standard bearer of excellence. Only 12% of all wines achieve this mark. Indiana Upland Wineries – 18 gold medals.

Silver Medals – Exceptional quality wines. Indiana Upland Wineries: 59 silver medals.

Bronze Medals – Good, solid, high quality wines. Indiana Upland Wineries: 23 bronze medals.

Indiana Uplands Wine Trail Wineries – Experience Wines on par with the best the world has to offer.