Owen Valley Wine Pairings

Chocolate Lovers Weekend FEB 15+16 

Enjoy 4 Complementary Pairings

The following pairings are recommendations only. Please feel free to pair the chocolate with the wine of your choice. The following chocolate selections are subject to change. In the event that a selection is not available we will replace it with a similar or like item.

White Chocolate Mousse

A sweet creamy white chocolate mousse

Recommended Pairing – Persimmon Heritage

Double Chocolate Caramel Fudge Brownie

A chewy rich brownie with a hidden layer of chocolate and caramel

Recommended Pairing – American Zinfandel

Cocoa Dusted Almonds

Roasted Almonds lightly dusted with cocoa powder

Recommended Pairing – Dark Cherry

Choose one truffle from Nate's Candy Jar

Amaretto Truffle

Smooth dark chocolate filling with a hint of almond and cherry

Recommended Pairing: Any Dry Red, Vidal Blanc or Dark Cherry

French Silk Truffle

Dark chocolate outside with a smooth dark chocolate filling

Recommended Pairing: Any Dry Red or Dark Cherry

Raspberry Truffle

This truffle is bursting with dark chocolate and raspberry

Recommended Pairing: Old River Red

Irish Cream Truffle

White chocolate outside with a smooth chocolate cream filling

Recommended Pairing: Zinfandel or Harvest Moon

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