Wine and Doughnuts, an interesting pairing


Today is National Doughnut Day and what pairs well with everything? You guessed it—wine!

While it may leave some vino connoisseurs shaking their heads, wine can pair with America's favorite fried dough. We don't recommend drinking wine with your Dunkin' Doughnuts or Krispy Kremes in the morning, but since it is National Doughnut day, you gotta at least try it once!

In the case of doughnuts, sweet pairs well with sweet. So enjoy your powdered, sprinkle, cinnamon, cake, glazed, jelly and all of your other favorite varieties with a sweet or sweet sparkling wine.

We recommend the following Indiana Uplands wines:

From Best Vineyards and Winery: Concord, a dark sweet wine with an awesome Concord flavor for  just about any occasion.

From Brown County Winery: Old Barrel Port, a barrel-aged port that is perfect for dessert or as a nightcap.

From Butler Winery: Vineyard White, a light grape-y wine made from Catawba. Just like eating grapes off the vine complete with the distinctive grapeskin zing on the finish.

From French Lick Winery: French Lick Tickle, a sweet bubbly blush wine with tangy citrus flavors.

From Huber's Orchard, Winery & Vineyards: Sparking Starlight, a semi-sweet sparkling wine overflowing with aromas of pineapple, white peach, and pear.

From Oliver Winery: Creekbend Vidal Blanc Ice Wine, a unique dessert wine is made from frozen Vidal Blanc grapes picked in mid winter.

From Owen Valley Winery: Crimson & Cream, a unique, delicious blend of three grapes (Catawba, Niagara, and Cayuga)

From Turtle Run Winery: Slip My Mind, a wine that is just good. Too many great fruit flavors to name.

From Winzerwald Winery: Ice Style Wine, a very sweet white dessert wine.

Don't be afraid to try your own unique combination because experimenting is half the fun! No matter how you choose to celebration National Doughnut day, Bon Appétit!

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