Best Vineyards started as a crazy idea to grow some table grapes and make a few bucks off the farm that owner Wilbert Best had purchased back in 2000.

We’re pretty much a family of engineering types. Out popped the calculators figuring our vine counts. At first: 600 vines. Then, 1,000. We wound up buying 2,500 vines.

Years later, as we were processing the juice, we wondered how hard it would be to ferment it and make wine. So we saved back a few buckets of juice and gave it a try.  It actually turned out. We got some more juice and tried it again. That time things didn’t go nearly as well. But, we persevered, and kept trying and experimenting and felt we finally had some idea of what we were doing.

Come on by and we’ll be happy to tell you the rest.


Winery and tasting room:

8373 Morgan’s Lane SE

Elizabeth, IN 47117


Tasting room hours: Tuesday–Sunday, noon–7pm.

Tasting fee: None

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